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Select your audience type and desired number of impressions

You can choose to target developers by selecting key developer fields (e.g. machine learning) or by choosing specifically relevant repos.  You can select the number of desired impressions per month or week.

We feature your advert on relevant repos

We will review your advert and find the most relevant repos. We work with thousands of different GitHub repo owners to automatically feature your advertisement on their Readme. This gets read by anyone who views or downloads the repo.

View and track developer traffic

By targeting specific developer fields you can drive new customers to your product. Integrate your own UTM tags to get detailed conversion data. Scale your adverts seamlessly as demand grows.

Reach millions of developers

Getting the word out to developers is hard. With GitAds, get your company shown to hundreds of thousands of developers. Sponsor repos with thousands of stars and millions of monthly downloads.

Advanced targeting

Get in depth statistics about visitors, downloads, and usage before sponsoring a repo. For example reach developers by language. Pick repos in relevant engineering fields, from machine learning to developer tools.

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